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New location in Eygelshoven, Netherlands

We are glad to announce our new points of presence in Eygelshoven, Netherlands at Skylink Datacenter, a state of the art Tier-3 datacenter. The new pop is redundantly connected by diverse 160Gbit connectivity to both Frankfurt and Amsterdam, offering best in class connectivity to DE-CIX, AMS-IX and NL-IX as well as Deutsche Telekom, Liberty Global, […]

New locations in Helsinki, Finland and Frankfurt, Germany

Since September 2020, we’re running our third location in Helsinki, Finland. Two weeks later, we built a new POP in Frankfurt, Germany, situated within Maincubes FRA01. Both pops featuring redundant routing equipment as well as connectivity to our core network at Interxion Frankfurt. Customers can get the following services at both POPs: -DDoS-Protection-DWDM Wavelength-Layer2 Transport-IP […]

Advanced DDoS-Mitigation for Gameservers

As you might have noticed already by earlier posts, we’re currently still working on a version 3 of our self-built DDoS-Mitigation solution called flowShield. A beta version is already live and can be activated by API. Beside of the integration of flexrules, which were extended by packet length and payload matching, we started implementing a […]

Building highly flexible DDoS-Filters

Since 2017, we’re running Version 2 of our inhouse built DDoS-Protection Appliance called „flowShield“. flowShield heavily relies on the netmap framework and uses multiple stages to clean incoming ddos traffic by static and dynamic filters. Due to the rising need of flexibility, such as deploying own filtration rules, we had decided to start with the […]

Increasing network level redundancy

We are currently working on implementing a second pair of routers at our FFM2 and FFM3 location (Frankfurt, Germany) to increase network level resilience and avoid dependencies on Juniper Virtual Chassis, which has proven to be kind of problematic under rare conditions. Our improved setup will consist of Layer3 based link loadbalancing (BGP Multipath across […]

New website released

We are happy to announce our newly released website, which also includes a integrated blog. On our blog, we will announce interesting news and insights of our daily work to enhance our services and infrastructure. Also we might release specific interesting tutorials, representing state-of-the-art tech which is used in the combahton environment.

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